19 April 2005

Flickr's upgrade

New prices, Freebies and Rock

OK, as promised Flickr being part of Yahoo enables us to provide more stuff to Flickr users, stuff being storage, invites and upload limits. Thus:


On Free Accounts the limits will be doubled for uploads and archiving, i.e. 20 MB a month in uploads, 200 photos will be archived and available through the site.

Everyone who already purchased a Pro account at the old price ($41.77) prior to the switchover today, will receive the following upgrades:

If you have a 1 year pro account it will be extended to 2 years (if you bought a 2 year Pro account it will be extended to 4 years)

2 invites for 1 year Pro accounts to be given to anybody you want to give them to (that is, anybody except people who've already got a paid Flickr account, and/or yourself).

Going forward, Pro accounts will be priced at $24.95 a year -- more than half of what we had planned on offering when we were just Flickr: A Wee Company Going It Alone (F:AWCGIA). Also, Pro accounts now get 2 GB a month in uploads, up from a mere 1 GB previously. This of course applies to existing Pro accounts too.

Great news for Flickr users out there. :)

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