18 April 2005

My experience with Maksim

* Disclaimer: I apologize for my bad language here, if anyone cant understand it well.

I firstly saw his debut album "The Piano Player"'s TV commercial back in 2003, playing The Flight of The Bumble Bee. That time, I didnt really notice how great he is, but I just know he's a piano player that plays something other than classical.

I only notice his music in December 2003. My friend burnt a music disc for me, and that's the time when I first yeard his greatest piece, "Croatian Rhapsody". After that, I became craze of him. I dwnlded lots of his MP3s thru the net(well I know it's illegal and it's somehow an act supporting pirated). At that time I'm also favour Grieg's Concerto, Theme of Paganini, as well as Cubana.

I join Sara's Maksim MSN Group in May 2004. At first, I wasnt an active member, and I dunno who Sara is, I kept guessing who she is at that momment.
The group's message board was fully loaded with Malaysian's message about Maksim's concert back in April 2003.
I MSN chat with Sara after I get her MSN mail. I've manage to "dig out" some in depth info and then she told me everything about Maksim.
Now I regretted I didnt go for Maksim's concert in M'sia. :(

Sara informed me about "Olympic Dream", and I really like that song after listen and watch it's MV.
Further more, Sara informed me about the release of Maksim's new album, Variations in Aug 2004.

I'm looking foward towards that album. But I manage to get it at the end of Oct 2004.
I was..... a little dissapointed with the Part II of the album, though I really like Part I.
Inside the Variations CD, there's a voucher for fans to get promo tickets for Maksim's Live Showcase in Genting, Dec 2004.

I attend Maksim's autograph session in Tower Records KLCC, on 3rd of Dec. This is the first time I met with this 200cm tall Croatian pianist. I manage to caught afew pics of him, as well as getting an autograph from him. :D

I went to his showcase in Genting the next day, 4th of Dec.
The Arena of Stars in Genting was fully loaded with Maksim's fans, and that time I manage to watch him perform LIVE!!! :D
He plays afew pieces of Variations, Kolibre, Amazonic, Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence, Bohemian Rhapsody, as well as a bonus track, The Flight of The Bumble Bee. The showcase ended with his greatest hits in Variations, Totentanz.
That was a great performance, though I complain it's too short, only 30 mins. :(
Anyway I pick up myself International version of The Piano Player after the show. That's the 2nd CD of Maksim I owned. :D

I heard the news of his DVD "The Essential Maksim" early this year, 2005. I was looking foward for that DVD, especially it's bonus track, Mozart's Requiem. I'm guessing will it sounds like Croatian Rhapsody? Or it'll sounds like Totentanz? I dunno because when I'm typing this article, I havent get that DVD yet. :(

Lastly, I'll like to thanks Sara, and other Maksim friends whom shares their goodies with me related to Maksim.
Sara has been doing a great jon for promoting Maksim and I'm glad to serve for this Maksim's fan community too. :D

Favourite pieces:
Croatian Rhapsody, Kolibre, Totentanz, Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence, Theme of Paganini, Grieg's Concerto, Amazonic.

Here's a few pics of Maksim I get from my Korean net friend.

Hope my blog readers can enjoy this post, dedicated to my fav artist, Maksim.
Actually this article I typed for my friend Sara to publish in her upcoming Maksim's fansite. :D

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