19 April 2005

Fabric Invasion

* Yet another silly title I could think for today's blog. :P

Somehow I felt better this morning after I'd enough sleep ystrdy night. I'm refresh. :D

Discussed our party's planning with fellow party members. We're somehow doing things behind the schedule. Tomorrow had to pass up the planning proposals alrdy. Aikz. :(

Although we all should be doing the plannings ourselves, but we're co-operating with other parties. I'm in charge of buying the banner fabric for the other parties, while other parties help us to prepare something else.
Even AJKs allow us to do so too.

Bell rangs, I rush to library to discuss about the plan with my party members. I'm having prob with my stomach today, 'coz I didnt eat anything since my breakfast.
Though I've finish my lunch later, but my stomach doesnt feel alright at all. Gastric I suppose? :
I ask HueyJiun to help me some ideas for the BGM I choose for my presentation on Friday. YongShiung join in, though I dont really mind that. Suprisingly, I dunno why those idea HueyJiun gave is something that I didnt think of before.
Here's a tips for that day's BGM...
All 3 BGMs I chosen are from Maksim. :P

Explanation for this blog's title:

HuiFong ask me to buy the banner together. So then, us(CLF, Yong Shiung, Hui Fong, Ing & HAM) went to Carrefour's textile boutique together.
I'd to rush home and then run to Carrefour 'coz I'm short of money that time.(My house is quite near to Carrefour)
Those 4 of them are eating in Deli France when I met them. I was hell sweating that time. After we had our "tea break", then we go check out those banner fabrics.

I told Yong Shiung about both of them(Ing and HAM), and he agrees with me. Both of them, somehow are too close alrdy. Now I also dunno why I've no feeling and no mood when saw both of them together. :(

Bought 4 3Mx1M banner, cost me RM 45.60. Darn it... that's my own money leh.... had to claim back. :(

I walk back home at 6.15pm, my mom is worried about me 'coz I'm missing without giving her any notice. (^___^")

V3 - BeautifulDay, O2Jam.

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