08 April 2005

End of hardcore training, the start of another fury.

Today's raptai ends half-way due sudden rain. Many of us are wet 'coz the supreme commanderess yelled the command late, after consulting the teacher in charge.

Some society/club had their AGM today, but not as much as last week.
YiThong was selected as Chinese Society's new chairperson, while YanTeng was the new chairperson of SPBT. TW told me he decline the SPBT chairperson post 'coz he wants to be PP chairperson. If he dont have this thought, he's alrdy SPBT chairperson.

Today is the last day of our kawat training. We seems to be ok, and we're ready for tomorrow morning. :D

While I was walking back with HawJiun, I saw HAM and Ing were both eating in the restraunt behind the school. I started to felt jealous.... yet I dont wanna interrupt them 'coz that's rude. Grr...... I'm pissed with that. >:(

You Make Me Wanna - Blue.

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