07 April 2005


Chatting with Ing today, asked her opinion about the upcoming PP election. She says she's not interested in the election. Sigh.... I was thinking to ask her to join my team during the election.
Perhaps I should do something without too much affectation from her. :(

[22:18:51] CLF says:
eh btw, have u think of joining in the election of PP?
[22:19:58] Sim says:
[22:20:09] CLF says:
oh, I see.
[22:20:42] Sim says:
wat jawatan u wan2 be?
[22:20:58] CLF says:
[22:21:01] CLF says:

[22:21:42] Sim says:
[22:22:02] CLF says:
any comments?
[22:22:39] Sim says:

Simple, yet effective words to kill off my heart and my mind. Well that's her style though. :(

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