08 April 2005

Tomorrow's plan.

Early in the morning wake up a little earlier than usual, prepare myself and went to school to get on the bus to SK Tmn Melati, we're having annual sports day there. It's stupid though, my place is closer to the school, but I must goto somewhere further in order to get there. Another brainless decision made by someone from my school again....

After the ceremony, I shall be back to my home sometime during afternoon. Maybe I will stop by Desa Setapak to get some graphic materials there for SRM purpose. Had lunch elsewhere, and then head home online, read, eat, bath and sleep. Must have enough rest, 'coz I might need to stay up 'til mid-night.

Evening going to CW's house, planned to goto Dataran Merdeka together, as well as a few other friends with us.

Hopefully everything can goes with the plan.

Kakumei - DDR MAX2.


  1. oi, going to support our school's band ah? really hope they will do well... hmmm... maybe i will meet you there too... haha

    chong hwa band, all the best!!

  2. Haha... yea.
    Go support ChongHwa!! :D

    Remember, if really go, wear in RED ok? XD