24 April 2005

Eleventh hour rush

This morning I went to Sun Hua's house discuss tomorrow's plan, and we're rushing 'coz few days ago we dont have much time to discuss together.
Finally all 5 members are there. The flyer is prepared as promised, and it's better than I expected. :D
We planned for a drama, but the content of the drama is meaningless and totally not related to the election. I doubt the teacher will ban the drama if we really bring it on 'coz it contains various racial issue, which is prohibited.

I left Sun Hua's house afternoon, he's having his chinese debate discussion soon. Pity him.... for being so busy lately. :I helped MeiGie put up the flyer, it looks nice to me. :)
Later after I had my late lunch, I went home, without worrying anything.

Evening, Sun Hua call me, says need to think of another plan. B'coz of that, I became busy and everything looks messed up for me. Had to plan the dialouge, as well as deciding the background music I'm going to use for the presentation. One of my "secret weapon" of the presentation is the background music. :P
I chosed afew familiar game mp3s and burn it into a cd. Hopefully this can attract some students there.... hehe.

Luckily me and Sun Hua spread out to work for the script stuff. We hardly can get help from other members 'coz communication difficulties.

Wow.... I really dunno how's tomorrow's presentation will be.... hopefullty everything will goes fine. @___@

Turn A - O2 Jam.

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