25 April 2005

Duh!!! Bad showdown!

Starts off with ystrdy night. Finally ASTRO reactivates my home account after some prob we're having lately. Although I'm not a big fan of the big box, but I kinda miss it. :P

This morning I wasnt feeling well when I woke up. I'm having slight flu today. My nose is "stucked 鼻子阻塞" I cant talk properly today.

Arghh.... we havent really prepared for today's persentation. Credit to Sun Hua again, for preparing the scripts.
Our party..... err..... nothing interesting to presents. We only did one thing out of other's mind, that is invite our headmaster on the stage. Duh.... I admit that our party might be the worst of all..... :(

After that the AJKs told us Thursday is the last day of the campaign, and also the polling day. The result will be announce on Friday. Geez....

My sickness is still bugging me all the day. I dont like goto school with sickness. :(

Eastern Sunset - Mehdi.

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