26 April 2005

A fine day...

It's been a fine day for me today. Nothing goes wrong.... everything is working as what I expect. :D

Other than the PP election stuff & coming exam, I've totally nothing to worry about.
Today's PJK period was a cool one. Finally some dudes decided to accompany me play football. Later then I switch to basketball and badminton awhile. I noticed I'm a smash-freak when playing badminton. Pity Kakashi suffers from my smashes.... hehe.

Sun Hua promised will help me write the script for Thursday's final showdown. I only need to prepare my own speech only.
Since he'd promised me, so then I can get back home earlier. :D

Well for now I only Mun Hoe and Sun Hua are having great chances to be chosen as the next president. For me.... well I've to do some tricks then.... dunno it works or not, and I hope those ppl are not fake-promising me. :
Croatian Rhapsody - Maksim.

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