24 April 2005

Review: Detective Conan - The Last Wizard of the Century

This is the fourth Detective Conan movie I've watched. I think this is the best one so far I've watched.

名侦探柯南 - "世纪末的魔术师"
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The last wizard of the century

It's OK to read the ending although you have not watched the movie yet. This part is after everything was over. The criminal has been arrested and everyone went back home and had some sleep. It's when Conan was about to tell the truth to Ran.

In the movie, Conan has saved Ran's life once again (the criminal tried to shoot Ran). Ran also suspected that Conan could actually be Shinichi. Would Conan tell Ran the truth? This is that part, the ending of Conan's 3rd movie.

Inside the Imperial Easter Egg

Things to know:
# Kid wanted to steal Imperial Easter Eggs (or so-called Eggs in the movie), but he was not successful. Besides, he was shoot by the criminal whose code name was Scorpion.
# Assistance Inspector Shiratori was actually on vacation. However, Kid disguised himself as Shiratori to join the others to investigate the case. He was able to arrest Scorpion, so he got the credit for that. However, after the real Shiratori came back from the vacation and Inspector Magure talked with him about it, he had no clue.
# Conan was almost killed, but someone mysterious saved him. Conan was not sure who saved him, but he suspected that that person could be Kid.
# So, Kid knows who Conan actually is. He could find it from Dr.Agasa. My guess is that Kid has sneaked into Dr.Agasa house and found out what happened with Shinichi. There is a part in the movie that Kid (in Shiratori identity) said something like "...from Dr. Agasa..."

This synposis I get from here.

But somehow, I think afew plot for the story copied Final Fantasy VIII.
Here's what I noticed in the movie....

  • When the light "shot" into the combination of the easter egg, the effect showed in the movie is somehow like the Lunatic Pandora appears in Final Fantasy VIII.

  • During the end of the movie, Conan holds a bird feather, and it somehow looks like Rinoa in FF VIII's intro scene.

    * Sorry, I couldnt get any screenshot from the movie. :(

    Overall I think this is a good movie for Detective Conan fans out there, and this is one of the best of those movies out there. ;)
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