21 April 2005

Busy busy busy.

We're having holiday here due Prophet Mohammed's birthday.
Although it's a holiday, but I'm still have many things to do "thx" to tomorrow's PP election campaign.

Went to Sun Hua's house at 9am. He's a busy guy, he needs to help us prepare the banner and campaign, as well as his chinese debate stuff, which happens on tomorrow, too.
My party-mates arrived sometime around 10am, and we discussed and draw samples for the banner we're giong to do.

Discuss discuss discuss.... I've missed my Phyz tuition class. I dont really mind that 'coz today the teacher is doing revision.
2 of the party-members left at 1pm 'coz they're going to tuition. I was dissapointed, why cant both of them sacrifice their time going to tuition, and help us with the banner? Myself and Sun Hua had sacrificed our time to tuition just to complete the banner.

While we're coloring the banner at the car park, I called the tuition centre to inform my teacher. My teacher is kindly enough to allow us have extra breifing class tomorrow after school, 'coz I didnt goto tuition at all today. Thx Mr Goh!! :D

ChinWei, YiThong, HueyJiun, Karen and Kah Shih helped us abit with the banner. Thanks everyone for your help and support!!

I left at 7pm, but we havent complete the banner yet. Other parties I guess are done. Heard they're doig pretty well there. Sigh.... :(

Tomorrow is going to be the busy day.... I dunno how's my presentation.... hopefully I wont be too nervous for it. Wish me luck!! (>__<)

P/S: I havent complete my Moral project yet... OMFG!! Tomorrow need to pass up (T__T)

Take Me To Your Heart - MLTR.

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