20 April 2005

Bee Strike

One of my worst nightmare is yet to happens again, but luckily I'm able to escape from it.

Ok.... so we've done almost everything for the election campaign, and now we only left the banner drawing and presentation planning. We're doing these things slower than other team is b'coz...

First, myself wasnt capable to plan everything for the presentation, esp the drawing stuff. I'm sux at drawing. :S

Second, my mate Sun Hua was busy with his chinese debate competition discussion. If he didnt involve in the debate stuff, we can done everything earlier alrdy.

Third, Yuen Shi is missing whenever we're trying to find her to discuss together. We always discuss 3 or 4 ppl only.

Mei Gie and Sook Fei are helping us alot, thanks to both of them for their efford.

So then I continue with things happening today...

I was shocked when I heard my friend Han Xin was selected as the HEAD PREFECT for year 2005/2006. Totally shock..... 'coz she's just a petite girl while there's 2 other "beasts"(Pei Khen and Chao Hong) fighting for the post. Some of my classmates take this opportunity to bet, but I think all of them loss in the end, heh.

While in Geo class, Ms Lee briefed us about the trip to a environment campaign nearby, this Sat. I'm not very sure about it, but I'll know further by this Friday.

Something happens when I was waiting at the bus stop. I notice a "fly" is flying infront of me. I didnt notice it clearly, and I just ignore it. When this thing flies infront of my eyes, I only notice this is a BEE.
(Recalls to my past memories......)

I'd a very bad experience with bees back in 6 yrs ago, when I was in Std 4.
That morning, I'm having PJK out there, on the field. I still remember that day I noticed there's lots of "flies" moving around, even in my class room. We, still noobish kids, dunno what is these, even our teacher also dont really care about it.

Nearly the whole class is fooling around on the field, and then the bees started to attack us. I'm one of the worst victim from the bee strike. I've being stung 100+, and 1 of those damned bee flew into my left ear. I was panic, the bee's sound is bugging me while I'm on my way to the hospital.
Luckily the doctor manage to pull out that freakin' bee out of ear, or else I might suffer from ear-ilness right now. :\

(Back to reality....)
That annoying bee(only 1) is bugging me all the way. I walk to somewhere nearby and it's still following me. While I didnt notice it, that damn'd bee stop between my fingers. I dont dare to wipe it off 'coz I learnt from my past experience, dont touch/move/shake when there's bee on your body. After afew momments it flies away, but then it still bugging me even I've moved further away from the bus stop.
I give up, I call a taxi and hop in hopefully to get rid of that damn'd bee.
It might be funny, for me a big human scare of a little bee.... well I just dont want myself get injured and I dont want my nightmare happen once again..... oh well...

Nightingale - Yanni.


  1. seems like you are so attractive to bees =p akakakakakaka =p

  2. The flight of the bumble bees.

  3. XinYing:
    Yea... it's still haunting me. :\

    Mango Tan:
    LOL.... Maksim's bees wont attack people. ;)