22 April 2005

1st Presentation....

Ahh....... first day stage presentation was exciting yet nervous for me!!
Before that, once again I'll like to thank everyone, esp Sun Hua and other friends who helped us complete the whole banner. Thank you!!!!!!!

I think today our party's persentation was quite dull, I admit it. We dont have much things to talk about, just brief ourselves and our party's motto...
I accidentally says "oh shit" when I was on the stage, I didnt realize the mic is on and I only know I've spoken "sh-". If I continue the "it", then I'll in deep trouble. (-____-")

Other parties are doing fine, esp TohWai's group. They're a smart team, they do everything quietly and secretly, they didnt share anything with most of us though.
Next Monday we're going to perform..... but I dunno what we should up to. Hmm.... too bad me and my party members dont have creative mind. :(

Ms Lee wasted my time copying Santhi's (god-damn 4 pages) literature notes. Tomorrow had to join the trip wearing some weird-looking blue cloth. :(

As what I promised my friend from Chinese society, I help her to be the timer for the chinese debate competition. I was drafted in the same group with Chin Wei and Hui Chi, and we're so lucky to be in charge of my class(S3) VS Sun Hua's team(S2 + S5).
Although my class is competing in this competition, but I help Sun Hua's team more than I help my own class, so that makes me a traitor. :P
Sun Hua's team won in the end, I know they've putting many efford it this compeition. They're discussing the competition from ystrdy 8am morning 'til 12am. :S

I played ping pong with Yong Shiung awhile. Finally I could find something to entertain myself.
Later after that I discussed our party's planning with Sun Hua and Mei Gie. We're drafting our pamphlet, and we need to hang it up ASAP. Mun Hoe and Toh Wai's group are hanging those alrdy. :S

Ahh......... I miss holiday!!! Days that myself can do anything I want, hang out with friends, chat with net friends, surf the net, football........ AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Heart Of Sword - Rurouni Kenshin.


  1. erm...
    our action many group also know liao de leh..
    erm..why your group look like so free de? cause i always can see you online one..
    ++ i heard that your group de 'xuan chuan dan' haven put up yet..and wish to put up at sunday..(not want to give teacher take a look first de meh?danger o)
    ++my group >3 people sick already leh..if no good then i scare all go suicide..-.-

  2. Wahlaoz.... TW ur party so charm.....

    Well u might notice I didnt online at those times I usually online during weekend. I've spent my time discuss in school or in SunHua's house. :P

    Today we've put up the flyer alrdy... hehe. :D
    Teacher? No need lar.... I think ours are ok. Very colorful. :D

    Anyway wish all of us luck!!