23 April 2005

The useless Geo trip

I think Ms Lee actually want us ot waste our precious time over the river, inside Kg. Puah, just not far away from my school.

This morning we walk there with Ms Lee. Ms Lee complains about Mr Lee BG for his stupidness who canceled the bus service to the location. We didnt complain anything 'coz it's just a short journey.

The program we're participating is "Program Cintai Sungai Kita". Minister of Wilayah Persekutuan join us too today, as the VIP. Seriously I think this is just another malay's "eat & play" feast, like what they usually do.

As senior, we couldnt join their activity. We can only observe around while our junior(F3) joining the treasure hunt. Ms Lee want me to took photo there, and then write a report about the trip.
We F4 really had not much things to do, I rather use the time recharge my energy at my bed better. (-____-")

When I reach the school again, I'd a ping pong match with Sam. We joke together while playing, make the game more entertaining. There's many other clubs/societies having their activities today, and Red Cresent society and school band is having their annual meeting today too. I wonders how's with Chin Wei that boy doing then.

I get myself a Detective Conan DVD, when I'm in Desa Setapak buying my lunch. RM 15/DVD..... I dont think it's worth it. :S


  1. haiz... at lease you guys got to go some where. Miss Lee talked about taking my batch for a few trips but all 'cakap kosong saja'. :( 2 years in the Geo club, she talk for 2 years, but not once she do as she promissed.

  2. Oh my... she do says want bring us visit Meteorlogy department and also Jabatan Ukur Tanah.
    Dunno it's true or not, and I bet that'll be more exciting than observing the dirty Sg. Gombak. :D

  3. she said she will take us to taman negara also...

  4. Tmn Negara impossible lar.... and I dont think she's capable to bring us to "survive" there with her own rules. :\

  5. haha... you might be right.