31 March 2005

Reading Mania

Today I came across afew reading materials, more than what I usually read.

I bought a monthly magz in my school, 少年月刊. Lots of interesting and touching stories inside in this month's issue. I highly recommand those out there to get it if they know how to read chinese.

Another reading material which I came across is my Sej text book.
*Please dont get offended for those readers out there, I'm just expressing my feeling towards something I felt uneasy.

My Sej teacher, Chandran ask us to form a group to make a presentation for a new chapter.
I help my group to gather the notes to be written on the big piece of paper.
While getting the info from the text book, I found out most of the text are praising Allah and Nabi Mohd. all the way.

Sebagai rasul dan pemimpin agung, Nabi Mohd tidak pernah berputus asa terhadap apa saja.... bla bla bla.... (Sej textbook Ting.4, page 113)

I think MoE are trying to brain wash us, by making 3/4 of this year's Sej all about Islam. Sure is driving me craze with those praising words.
Myself are ok to study things about Islam, but I just cant stand MoE are praising Islam in the text book all the way. I think they can cancel that praising part, just do it straight foward.

Ok now I should back to today's journal.

Bio teacher Mdm Preammah inform us about the 1st PEKA we'll had on next week. Luckily I can prepare the report by computer, so that can ease off my work. Hehe.... :D

Lucky the commander let me leave the kawat practise earlier, so I manage to get into the tuition class 10 mins late.... no big deal, having some test today, manage to solve it. :D

B'coz of the kawat practise, I felt hungry, and I ordered Maggie Goreng + telur in a nearby mamak store. Yummy... but the mee makes me too full untill right now I still havent eat my dinner. :S

Red Sign - Kevin.O2SE, O2 Jam.


  1. My school Malay teacher told us, "Since you all non-Malays have to hafal your 36 nilai-nilai murni until so tough, let me teach you one thing. Drop Moral, take Pendidikan Islam. Sure can score high wan." WTF! Can score sohai.

  2. F*ck it off lolz....

    Dunno why some Malays like to be so damn proud about themselves.
    Luckily in my school I didnt face such person before. :)