30 March 2005

DUH.... WTF!!!

I was being inform that tomorrow all F4 SU members need to stay back at school to practise marching. No excuses are allow this time. WTF.... tomorrow I'm having tuition class leh..... Fuck lar......... :(

The quake aftermath on the net are amazing.... lots of ppl blog about the quake's effect, and the funniest will be Dr Liew's post.

In the wee hours of this morning...

Dr. Liew : *just came offline with TV Smith on phone* "Hmm... Who to call ah? Everyone seems to be on ICQ... Wait! Mike is not on ICQ. Wonder how's he doing..." *dial dial dial Mike's handphone*


Dr. Liew : "Hmm... Ringing so long... He must be sleeping..." *cough cough* *prepare throat for zombie voice*

Mike : *toot* *connected* *lots of fumbling sound for 15 seconds*

Dr. Liew : *zombie voice* "Hellllooowwww... Goooood morniiiinnnggg..."

Mike : "Yeah... doc..."

Dr. Liew : "Waakeeee uuup... Waakeeee uuup..."

Mike : *fumbling fumbling* "Er....." *more fumbling and a short pause* "What's... up... doc?"

Dr. Liew : "Earrrth... quaaaaakeee... Earrrth... quaaaaakeee..."

Mike : "Er..... Okay."

Dr. Liew : *still zombie voice* "No... not... o...kay..."

Mike : "Er..... Okay."

Dr. Liew : *switch to normal voice* "Get up man! Earthquake! You didn't evacuate the condo? Even Lilian evacuated, but this time she managed to put on her bra..."

Mike : *more alert after hearing about bra* "Earthquake? You serious? Where?"

Dr. Liew : "This is not a drill... I repeat, this is not a drill. Earthquake Indonesia. The news is all over Petaling Street man... Brace yourself for another tsunami."

Mike : "Err... Okay! I'm coming online now!" *click*

Dr. Liew : *stare blankly at phone* "WTF?!?! People asking him to evacuate and he is coming online???" *pengsonged*


Back to school topic....

I suppose to had oral test today, but LUCKILY Eng teacher Mdm. Santhi was absent today. Everyone is cheering when relief teacher came into our class.
Thx to my friend Say Chong, who're willing to teach me AddMath, now I finally understand some of the tips hidden in the subject. :D

I was force to stay back at school to practise marching again. Today's marching is better than previous one, but I left in half-way when I bite my own gum in my mouth.
Had a reason to leave earlier, so there I go.
Hah... today can leave earlier, but still the ulcer will be a pain for me in next few days. :S

Toccata and Fugue - O2 Jam.

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