30 March 2005

I'm feeling sad.

This actually is a good news and bad news for myself.

This weekend I wont be returning to Penang to 扫墓, due my father's work in KL.
My paternal uncle asked my father to go back to Penang on earlier than they planned, but my father just couldnt make it b'coz he'd something important to do on that day.

Good news is.... at least I can stay in KL this weekend, I can do many things I want which I couldnt do if I were over there.

The bad news is.... it's the 3rd year my family didnt go back to Penang to 扫墓, 'coz my father is too busy with his work.
Although this is only once a year, but sadly my father couldnt sort out his time to fullfill this tradition activity. :(
My father told me before that he dreamt of his father(my grandfather), and my grandfather told my father it's been a long time both of them last met. Sigh..... I somehow felt guilty over this. :(

Meditation - Yanni.

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