29 March 2005

Another day....

Everything is doing fine today, I'd a great time in PJK period although I play football alone untill get myself totally wet(wet b'coz of sweating).

Chandran's History period sure is amusing, had a great laughter during those 2 periods.

Damned chinese teacher talk too much, make all of us late 5 mins to lift off from the school.

Ms Lee inform me that Geo class for tomorrow will be cancel 'coz she's not feeling well .

Train kawat(marching) today for sports day's event. Oh well.... I'd alot of mistakes, 'coz this is my 2nd time to attend marching practise. Thankfully, we all are still ok with the steps, but our postitioning are worse.....

The day end up which I took taxi home after the practise was call off when it started to rain. Wasted... :\

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