01 April 2005

The start of the busy weekend.

Today I was fully packed in school, from early 7am 'til 4.30pm.

Today many society/club are having AGM(Annual Meeting) after school, according to my friends and announcement made during the assembly.

Mdm. Santhi shows up in school during assembly but she didnt enter our class. She gave us English excercise to do instead. Everyone is cheering.... as usual when they knew Santhi didnt come.

2nd time to do Physic experiment. This time was series of activities setup by Phyz teacher, Ms Nee. We use plastisin in the experiment and all of us are having great time, esp the boys.
MingHong made models of "male organs" out of plastisin, and that is really making all of us(boys) LOAO(laughing our ass off).

I later went to library with my classmates to finish up our Sej presentation. I've prepare the notes to written on the presentation paper, so I leave the rest of work to my fellow classmates.... Wahahahaha.....
I'm watching the school band's practise from 3rd floor, had a clear view of their formation going. The songs are nice, but too bad the formation is abit messy.

HuiChi inform me about the cancelation of today's kawat practise. Firstly I thought that was just an April Fool joke, but she's serious about it.
Just few momments before I'm leaving PP room, HAM tell us to go practise regardless what the others had told us about the cancelation.
HAM decided to carry out his first ever punishment, that is issuing "surat pecat" and "Surat amaran" for those who're absent.

The practise are just like usual, but we had to train harder.
I was annoyed by how TW behaves in the group. I just dunno why he cant think wisely, and keeps on going with his childish and unmature actions/speeches.
CW as the squad commander also seems to be irritated by TW.
Oh well.... that boy just cant change his personality at all. :
Currently in "WAItING" mode, hopefully she'll be online by tonight.
I'm planning to stay to late night to finish off my Bio PEKA report and my Moral project so I can be much more relax by tomorrow.

Requiem For A Dream.


  1. Kawat is mostly (not for you) for Ah-Kua Dari Lorong Haji Taib ler. I mentioned this before.

  2. Agreex, but I'm forced to join this time's practise. :(
    Just take this as an experience lar...