15 March 2005

Interesting about this blog.

I browse my blog msg related to my school. I read from last year Nov's post, 'til few days ago's blog msg. I found out I'm blogging too many private things of myself. Well, I dont really mind that. ;)

I do notice my English usage is still very poor, even for now. I wish I could improve my writting skills by blogging more. :
I still had almost 1 week of holiday to go. Planned to goto Melawati Club with Sam and fellow friends to had games of futsal and ping pong. In the end we didnt make it 'coz my time arent compatible with Sam's time. Oh well... :(

Wednesday going to my relative's house to help them setting up a better com. Their com were badly affected by adwares/spywares.

Thursday I still need to attend Fakaruddin's Physic and Add Math class. Wonders what he'll be teaching us on that day.

I still have SRM assignment to be done. 3 border designs from everyone.... deadline is next Monday. Oh well.....

Listening: Beethoven's 5th Symphony Techno Remix.

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