14 March 2005

Aftermath of the party

Today I'm bzy sending my friends pictures and videos for last night's party.

Well, 2 guys asked me for pic of "the girl in skirt". Hahaha... I wont tell it out who're those ppl. I gave them...... since they want it deadly. :P

Of course, videos are fun to watch too, but process it needs some time. :S

My father complaint that none of my friends really notice the books in my house. I agreez with this too. Because, whever we(my family) bring any guest come to my home, they'll amaze by the ammount of books in my house. Well nowdays youngsters dont really read books, and they are coming here to had a party only.

My parents are happy with my friends. Ing helped me to clear many food by offering the gangs as a "reward" for lossing in the card game. So.... the food eventually finish off faster. Haha....

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