12 March 2005

Farewell exam, hello holiday,

Well, I didnt really study for today's papers. I'm having M.Math, Bio and Physic today.

M.Math I dont really care about it. Those questions are abit tricky, but I manage to do it off.

Bio paper I love it..... not as hard as I thought and it was challenging to have a few trick questions in it. ;)

Physic paper is what I concern for today. I study alot in this 'coz I'm not good in this. Luckily, those questions are not that hard, though there's still questions that I dunno how to do. But still, let it be. ;)

After the brutal fight with the exams, finally I had something for me to release the exam stress. Planned to play ping pong with fellow friends, but was overwhelmed by the ammount of ppl playing in the ping pong room. Soon I keepz my bat and wonders around.

Noticed juniors are playing football, which is now allowed in the school. I felt bored, so I join in the game. Their playing style remembers me of what I've been playing few years back, when I'm still a n00b in the school.
My skillz are bad..... cant even kick the ball in target. But then my defending skill are still as tough as it be. :D

I went for a performance in Istana Budaya tonight. I'll be posting more details in the next post.

Listening: Amazonic - Maksim.

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