12 March 2005

The Sound of Music PREMIERE, Istana Budaya.

First of all I'll like to thank my father for getting such wonderful ticket for such wonderful performance!! :D

I watch the movie "The Sound of Music" when I'm still a little boy. I really like the songs in it, and it's just simply a classic!! I'll vote this for the "Music Movie of 20th century." Simply amazing.

I didnt bring my mp3 player to record the performance 'coz it ran out of battery. :(
Not time to charge it back.

I respect the rules of the performance, so I didnt take any photos during the performance is played.

I really enjoy to had this wonderful evening, enjoying a world-class performance + delicious cocktail. :D

For those music fans out there, I'd truely recommand u all go watch it. It'll be played untill 2nd of April. Still got long time to go. ;)

If my father could get afew more tickets for other day's performance, I'll like to bring along some of my friends, together watch that classic. ;)

Here's afew pics....

Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

A free MMS-like postcard I made there. Free of charge. ;)
CLF: The Sound of Music performance


  1. Yes it is.... but it's worth it if you're a music lover.

    I got complimentary tix btw. So FoC.