10 March 2005

UEFA Champion's League


Chelsea 4-2 Barcelona
Milan 1-0 Man. United
Lyon 7-2 Bremen

Juventus 2-0* Real Madrid
Leverkusen 1-3 Liverpool
Monaco 0-2 PSV
Arsenal 1-0 Bayern

The results are.... suprising. O_O

Let's talk about this morning(+0800 GMT).

I do feel dissapointed Madrid was out from the big game. Oh well, it has been years Madrid didnt get themselves into the final. :(

As what I expected, Munich pwn'd Gunners. No doubt Arsnl is doing hard to win, but pity Henry's only goal doesnt help Arsnl that much. :(
Kahn defeated Lehmman once again, heh.

Listening: Where Is The Love.

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