01 March 2005

A day of...........?

Today both PBSM and school band are having duties outside, so some of my friends didnt show up in the class or SU room.

From what I heard, PBSM are following school's football team for a match outside. But in the end the match ends up 9-0, where my school team totally PWN'D by the opponents. :(
The school band is heading to Kiwanis Club somewhere near Damansara for a charity activity. They looks enjoyed by doing that.

It's a dull day after all.... first 2 periods was used by English elocution contest. Amused by a William Hong-style speech, but still BORED. :
I was looking foward for the PJK period, where the time I could play football with my classmates. The PJK room was locked.... and wasted 20 mins to solve the locked PJK room. At least, I could get what I want.

Trained quite well even though I was playing with only 1 friend. We trained goal-keeping and also kicking. I noticed I cant really put the ball into the direction I want. Oh well.... one of the fact is b'coz I dare not kick the ball too hard untill the ball flied over the barrier and hit teacher's cars. :S

I planned to go home as soon after I finish my lunch, I stayed in SU room awhile, blasting O2 Jam songs with KianMeng. We both discussed about the game, and he show me the video of him playing, recorded by KY last week.

CW from PBSM and Ing from school band are back. CW brought his Ixus 30 again..... to do some "silent killier" business again.... lol

Ing asked me something about SRM, and we manage to get something to talk about. I asked her about my party thing, and she seems looking foward to it. I think I've to discuss with some of the girls tomorrow for sure. I better get things prepared ASAP.

Here's some recent pics from me and my pal.



Listening: Marriage D'amour - Richard Clayderman.

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