28 February 2005

The emotional day.

Today's assembly was a different than previous assembly he had before. Today is the final day of 2 teachers, Pn Keh PC and Pn Tan SK. Both of them get their school-transfer news last week.

Both teachers were presented gifts from societies, and followed by school band's performance of the song "Auld Lang Syne".
The teachers gave their final speech, and the rest of teachers started to cry after listen to Pn Keh's emotional speech. She had been in my school for 22 years, and she's sad with this sudden school transfer.
Many teachers cried, but then I noticed a very WTF scene. Ms Chan SL was laughing at a side.... she looks doesnt concern so much about the transfer of her collegues. >:(

Well I do admit I slept in Pn Keh's Chinese class before but.... in the end I manage to get A for my Chinese last year..... hehehe....
Hope my teachers are doing well in their new schools ASAP. :D


  1. ...really ker?
    don't know how to say lar..
    ppl sad she happy
    you leh?
    you look like also very happy de wo..when assembly...

  2. I do feel sad about the departure of Pn Keh even if I look smiling.
    But damn!!! Chan SL dont have heart at all!!!