27 February 2005

Which Pizza Hut should I choose?

I'm planning to make a party for my own b'day this year, and I planned to make it on 12 or 13 March(My b'day was 6th March but that time I'm having exam while 12 March I'm having a short term holiday).

I've made a list for those I wanna invite to the party, but now I'm having a prob about the location.
I've 2 choices here.

The PizzaHut near my school, located in Jln Genting Klang.
The PizzaHut near my house, located in Wangsa Maju, near Carrefour.

I've few probs here...
You see, both PizzaHut have their advantages and disadvantages.

Pizza Hut @ Genting Klang.(03-4022 0937)
It's quite a distance for me to get there, but I still can go there by bus. That place are also easily-reach by my friends since most of them live somewhere over there.

But I was concern about the space there. I doubt that I can fit in 40 ppl in that tiny corner. I'll try to ask the place reservation ASAP after I got the rough ammount of ppl who're going.

One more thing that supports me wanna held the party @ Genting Klang there is b'coz I know some of my friends will goto a nearby cyber cafe after the party. I understand their nature very well. ;)

Pizza Hut @ Wangsa Maju.(03-4143 5589)
For me it's near. I can walk to there. But many of my friends cant reach there due transportation probs.

There is spacious, 'coz it's new. I dont need to worry about not enough place if the party is held there.


Some of my friends suggested I held the party @ my own place. But the cons is more than it's pros.

The only pro I can think of is.... I could have those friends using my com and enjoy, but the space is too small to fit in everyone. -___-"

The cons is....

Many of them dunno where is my place and even they know they're also having probs with transportation.

My place are too small to fit in 40 ppl. And I cant really prepare much things to do and eat in my own place. :(

Here's a list those I'm planning to invite, maybe the final list, or maybe I'll edit it.


Ling Fan
Yong Fei
Chin Wei
Shyan Jian
Kim Hui
Toh Wai
Haw Jiun
Ming Hong
Da Jun
Yik Meng
Kian Meng
Yong Shiung
Ewe Gin
Kok Yi
Yee Kai
Tuan Kee
Ken Jon


Wai Ing
Hui Fong
Yee Juan
Hui Chi
Hue Jiun
Mei Gie
Chia May
Han Xin
AY Mun Ning
Lai Mun
Hooi Suan
May Chee
Wen Xin
Jia Yi
Hui Ying

Any suggestions are welcomed. I might try to call PizzaHut Genting Klang next week, after I get enough info from my friends.

Listening: Red Sign - O2 Jam.

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  1. why no my brother de?
    where da xiang name?
    you no put de..
    i want scold liao...
    bla bla bla bla..

    erm..what information that you want?