01 March 2005

Party Plan

OK so I've decided to reduce the number of ppl going to my party now.

Here's the latest invitation list.


Ling Fan
Yong Fei
Chin Wei
Shyan Jian
Kim Hui
Toh Wai
Da Jun
Da Xiang
Yong Shiung
Kian Meng
Kok Yi
Yee Kai
Tuan Kee
Hoong Sam
Ken Jon


Wai Ing
Hui Fong
Yee Juan
Hui Chi
Hue Jiun
Yan Teng
Mei Gie
Yi Thong
Chia May
Pei Yin
Mun Ning
Lai Mun
May Chee
Wen Xin


So the current total of ppl are invited are 33 ppl. I know some of them cant make it, but I hope most of them could make it to the party. Now I've to re-send another mail to the PizzaHut PR manager. Ask wheter 33 ppl can fit in in PizzaHut Genting Klang or not.

I plan to bring some of my friends back home later after the party. Hmm..... that maybe I'll make another list, but I'll only tell who's going with me on that day.

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