23 March 2005

Adidas Predator Pulse series

Again.... this is a football boots post I made. :P
I'll throw in pics of every Predator Pulse series boots currently available out there.

Predator Pulse Black - Default

Predator Pulse Beckham - YinYang.

Predator Pulse II Beckham - Blue-White.

Predator Pulse Silver.

Predator Pulse Red-Black.

Predator Pulse Euro 2004 edition.

Predator Pulse II Gunmetal Silver.

Predator Pulse II Metallic Blue.

So many colors for me to choose. Hmm.... my fav will be the Red-Black, Gunmetal Silver and the new Blue.


  1. hello,my name is Gilles and I'm french!!I love your blog because I was search predator shoes and I founded your blog.I play football and I want the Predator Pulse II Beckham - Blue-White.

  2. Gilles,

    Hey there! I love those boots too. Well personally I prefer either the Red-Black "Devilish" Pulse, Metalic Silver Pulse II, Blue Pulse II, or Beck's new Dragon Pulse II. :D