23 March 2005

"No mercy" day.

This morning rush to the dental clinic(aka, Chamber of Fear). Spent almost 2 hours there, having treatment and wait.
I've been inform that I need to wait for 1 hour to get my retainer back. I refuse, and I say I'll collect it by tomorrow morning.

So then.... I rush back to school straight away after I left the clinic. Missed lots of classes today, except Chem.
I was informed that I've failed another paper..... M.Math... oh shit!! Makes me failed 3 papers alrdy. :(

Today's chem period was replaced by a teacher from UM. She's young.... but then.... lack of experience.
Today's experiment is to burn magnecium tape & check it's chemical reaction with oxygen. The experiment is quite interesting, but the teacher dunno how to handle the class very well. We dont really understand the process and the idea of the whole experiment, we just do according to the textbook.
In the end, we didnt really learn anything.

I dunno wheter this is lucky or unlucky.... someone inform me that I dont have Geo class today.
The lucky part is, I dont need to rush out from the SRM meeting later.
The unlucky part is, I've bring 2 more extra books which I dont need to use. :(

Today's SRM meeting actually took place in 4S5, but somehow another F5 class occupied the classroom for their EST class. So we had to settle down in Art Room.
Mdm Chek ordered all of us to do..... oh well.... our group going to hand in those borders we've done by next Monday.
Compare to other groups, I think we can consider ourselves much free than the other groups.
I found myself in a good situation for helping some other groups, esp Ing's group. Their group lack of some school activities pictures, and I can supply them some pics from my school photo collection. :D

I didnt eat anything since my breakfast this morning. Planned to had lunch in school, but I decided to goto the dental clinic one more time to collect my retainer. So then I rush to the dental clinic after the SRM meeting.

Reach there around 2.45pm, met Ivan there. He's having treatment too. I didnt waste much time there, since I'd my treatment earlier today.
I planned to get my lunch in Desa Setapak, but I'm carrying a heavy beg and a heave file, so I decide go back to my home and cook mee myself.

When I'm back home and swtich on my com, found out that Strmyx modem is blinking.... Tried some methods to solve the prob, called Strmyx customer service... in the end found out that it's the ADSL splitter's prob. TMnet tells me their service outlets are selling it, so I walk to a nearby TMnet Clickers service centre to get one.

I was dissapointed when they say they're not selling any splitters at the momment. When I was walking back home, it's starting to rain.
Luckily my mother reminds me to bring umbrella, so I didnt showered by the rain so badly.

Dunno why, my housing area is having water supply shortage without any warning or notice. Many things cant be done easily, sigh....

Currently online with a very unstable line. It's hard for me to maintain both modem and phone sharing the same line with a crappy splitter. :(

Listening: StarFull - Civilization III.

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