24 March 2005

Tomorrow.... wahahahahahaha!!!

Yes.... I'm gonna get myself busy again tomorrow..... wahahahahaha~~~

I've 3 task to do tomorrow.
1st is get my price during the ceremony;
2nd is help PP setup "jamuan makan" stuff.
3rd is be an amateur photographer.

Dunno why I seems to be enjoying on duty for most of the time. :P

Here's something I've done today....

I get back my last paper, BM. Thankfully I didnt fail anymore subject. :(

Funnily, today's BM period was "abandon" by the teacher about 10 mins before recess 'coz all of us are attracted by the performance practise for tomorrow. PeiYin and Willie is singing "The Phantom Of The Opera" chinese version..... sounds nice, very nice.... but then I prefer Eng version's. :(

Having PP meeting for tomorrow's duty. Was interrupted when most of us runs out from PP room to watch school band practise for their competition performance.
Of course, I'm watching it like others.... some of my friends are in school band mar.
The practise didnt really performed very well. Afew mistakes from the band itself. Worse is, HuiFen tumble over when forming a formation. (-__-") Sun Hua dropped his mace once. Their coach doesnt seems to be please with the performance. Oh well.... pity them.

I force myself in a tight scheduale this weekend, to finish off all my undone h'works. Oh well... I had to study harder on my Math. :(

I slept in Fakaruddin's class once..... too tired.... cant concentrate at all. When I'm awaken, I dunno what am I writing on my note..... just like piece of shit lol.
Manage to get on the last part of Physic today..... oh well.
AddMath period is quite fun this time. Challenging question, but I still like it. :D

'til then, maybe I'll blog something else tonight.

Listening: Fragments of Memories - Nobuo Uematsu, Final Fantasy VIII.

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