23 February 2005

Wednesday.... a tense day.

Today I'm having duty for Students Union for teachers' feast, participate in the elocution contest, and also first time on my Geo class.

Sigh.... I've to miss my class again, I've been in DK1 to setup the tables etc etc and then I've to find plates and dining tools somewhere in my school's spider nest.

When the bell rang, I rush up to 3rd floor for the elocution contest. Sigh.... my Eng teacher expected me to be in the finals, but I think I've fail it. :
Later I rush to my first Geo class. Luckily, this time Ms Lee arent that strict as she was last year. She's very friendly, and she brief us about Geo subject for SPM next year. Kinda cool to be studying in air-cond library since out there are so damn hot.

Listening: Gloomy Sunday - Bjork.

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