23 February 2005

P2P games

P2P means "Pay To Play", and it's very popular here in Malaysia, esp big cities like KL.
Many of my friends are addicted to those p2p games, like O2 Jam and Ragnarok Online.
There's also free online games too, like GunBound and Maple Story.

Myself, I've tried those games before. I played RO and O2 Jam free before they're P2P. Those are nice games, really, but I dont think it's worth to pay for the game, esp RO. RO's monthly fee RM38/month is not a small ammount for any ordinary students, unless that student is from a rich family.

As for O2 Jam, RM10/month are still... acceptable IMO. But I dislike O2 J one point is, you'll need to pay extra money in order to "buy" special songs to play, skill rings and avatars. Luckily for me, although I didnt play O2 J myself, but I still able to listen to the song in the game, even if it's P2P songs. :D

Those free games like GunBound and Maple Story I've been quit from long time ago.
I'm fed up with GunBound alrdy, b'coz I'm annoyed by the other players in the game. Some of them are rude, and types racist, sarcastic msg in the game even there's a bypass censor system. I quit it before I became mad with myself.

I've been playing Maple Story last Dec, but I quit it b'coz of the information prob in the game system. I can no longer use my ID to login to the game, and I'm too lazy to create another ID. Maple Story is like Mario + RO, but it's lvling still are as slow as HELL.

I'm currently playing the good'O Age of Empires II: The Conquerors. My motherboard and graphic card is having some prob, so I cant play latest games 'coz the intergrated graphic SUX.....

Listening: Turn A - O2 Jam.

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