22 February 2005

Tuesday.... TIRED!!!

Wowee..... today informed about the Geo class which is starting tomorrow from 2.30pm - 3.30pm. I had to change my tuition's time table again... :(

Today I had PE/PJK period..... I played football with my friends under the volcanic-heat sun. After the game I felt dizzy and head-ache.... and later History period Chandran is giving all of us test.
Sigh.... many of us didnt do the test well, and almost the whole class was forced to walk around the field 1 round. After the walk I felt more DIZZY.... @__@ and I'm out of water to drink alrdy. Luckily my friend gets me a mineral water, else I'll die b'coz of thirst.

Oh damn.... today's beg are extremely heavy b'coz of my t-shirt, an extra dictionary and afew reference book. Luckily my friend little Adrian help me to take some of those stuffs, or I'll suffer all the long way from my school to the bus station. :(

Listening: Open Road - Gary Garlow

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