27 January 2005

Today's busy, tomorrow's enjoyment.

First of all, I removed my Flickr photo stream 'coz I heard my pic was mis-used in my school's computer room. I think only those who read my blog would do that since I mostly post those pics in this blog. :(
Anyway, removing that photo streaming might fasten this blog's loading page. :D

I felt tired recently since this Monday.... I dont get enough sleep 'coz I cant sleep very well. I keeps on wake up every few mins.... and I only had 4 hours of sleeping time in total.... I cant take a nap nowdays due heavy tuition sceduale. :(
I asleep afew times in class.... but luckily those class arent that important in my point of view. :P

Today's tuition subjects were Physic and AddMath. Yet again, it's drivin' me craze.... and I'm too tired to calculate the answers..... I really cant concentrate very well..... air-cond + comfortable desk makes me felt sleepy.... ZzzzZ..... Anyway, I still controled my self from sleeping like a pig after a few mins.

Today's dinner was unusual. My sis bought those food from night market(aka pasar malam). Bought my favourite salted chicken. :D
Was quite full, and I manage to finsih my Bio report thx to my friend who borrows me her book. (^__^)

Listening: Lovable Times - BeautifulDay, O2 Jam.

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  1. you can restrict access those photos in flickr to people in your friend list only.

    Anyway, better don't upload photo with people face without their permission.