28 January 2005

Full-day duty

I was called to get out of the lab by TW at today's 9.30am. I was doing an experiment that time.... oh well.... I missed another Chem experiment opputurnity. :(
Started off my duty at 10.05am. Well I dont really have anything to do..... I sit there and enjoy the music while reading. I arrange the books awhile, and I found no prob at all with my possition. :D

I ate quite late today, and I enjoys eating something taste good slowly..... dragging off the time. :D

We used HAM's digi cam to capture pics in the hall..... kinda entertaining.... but TW seems to be not satisfy with my acts.... and well I admit I was slacking off. (^__^")

Listening: Rhapsody on A Theme of Paganini - Maksim.

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