26 January 2005

A day life in school

Today is the opening ceremony of the selling old/used books ativity carried out by Students Union. The ceremonry took some time to prepare.... but at least the MCs and the play was satisfying, I guess.
MunHoe and HuiJiun's acting was better than other actors/actress from other clubs/societies, which acts like a robot that memorized the speech. Both MH and HJ talks like usual, no fear at all. That's very nice of the.
MeiGie and WaiIng talks steadily this time, and thank godness they didnt make any mistakes. :D
I would like to suggest next time we'll have tri-language speech, that is Chinese, Malay and English. ;)

After the ceremony, I was on duty to carry the books all along pingpong room to the selling hall which we called as DK 1. Although it's a tough job, but I seems to enjoy doing it. :P

Stayed at school 'til 2.15pm. I had my lunch before that, and I helped them a little bit in the book fair. I wasnt on duty today for the fair, but it's still worth it to help it out. I'm on duty on Friday, 9.30am till 4.30pm, that is full day duty. :
Today's tuition are entertaining with Brandon's present. Both subject's teachers likes him although he made a lot of noise and lots of jokes. Felt sleepy but thx to Brand's joke, I've no mood to sleep.... keeps on laughing and teasing each others. :D

So now..... I dont think I've much to say. Might be blogging more for the follow days.

Anyway who're interested in this Sat's chinese orchestra performance in KL center? Further info you can ask me. :D

Listening: Heart of Asia - Watergate.

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