25 January 2005

Stay back at school.

Today I stay back at school to help Students Union to setup and arrange things for tomorrow's opening of selling old and used books activity.

The number of members stay back are not satisfying, leaving me and my friends doing lots of things ourselves. Thx to afew F5 students, we manage to carry the tables easier.

After that, I was in charge to re-arrange the books. It's a hell of nightmare..... we need to sort out those books with their Forms, Exams, Textbooks.........etc...... I helped awhile then I get myself out there to help the banner group a little bit. Soon after that I get myself back to the book there, I found out I still got alot of things to do there. Some other friends came to help too.

I get myself out of there around 4.30pm 'coz my sis is there to fetch me. I just quickly bit's goodbye and ran out of school!! XD

Listening: Cubana - Maksim.

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