29 November 2004

Another busy day......

Today is another busy day for me..... I went to LRT Station Wangsa Maju meet with Toh Wai to get his Leadership Camp report. Then I follow my father buy our lunch nearby.

Around 5pm, I followed my parents to KLIA to fetch 2 Vietnamese reporters which is going to had training in my father's office. On the way to KLIA, I saw many cool cars on the road.... from Jaguar S Type, Mercedez SLR class, Mercedez CLK 200..... really excited 'coz seldom saw such great cars on the road before. Heh, maybe I didnt go out that much? :P

After that, we took the 2 Vietnamese to dinner somewhere in PJ, where I'm not sure where is it. It's a great dinner, cheap + delicious food. :D

After the dinner, we send both Vietnamese back to their hotel which is located very near to the restraunt where we had our dinner.

Later when we're heading home, we stop by Carrefour to buy something for my sisters in China, which requested by themselves. The bill hits RM150 with just afew cookies, coffees....

Went home.... I bath then I sit infront of the com.... doing many things..... forum codings, blogs, forum-surfing, board-surfing.....etc..... very tired. Now I manage to sort out some time to write this blog, since it's quite afew days I didnt blog alrdy. :P

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