29 November 2004

RIP DiceForum I, Hello DiceForum II !!

My friend Kenyi's DiceForum I was suspended by the hoster..... and the reason is unknown. I think it's because of the hoster's rules.
The user may request for free hosting service once gain certain points in the hoster's forum. And after the user gets his own hosting, he needs to post in order to keep the hosted site alive. I bet Kenyi doesnt post more after he gets the hosting service.


That's the old DF's address.
Here's the new one...


DiceForum II, created by myself upon Kenyi's request. It acts as a temporary DF, and if can Kenyi'll try to get back DF I. The current DF II's admins is myself and Jack CW. He can help me do something when I'm not avaliable, and his reliable. :D

If Kenyi could get his net back to his house...... then it'll makes our lives easier..... :
My skill and CW's skill cant match Kenyi's skill for forum-making.... The skin he created and the mods he installed, was great. I dont even know how to do it yet..... -___-"
He's a talented person, GENIUS!!!

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