28 November 2004

Mun Yee Gathering 2004

What I can say that I'm a failure with this time's gathering.
Friends decide goto Sg Wang instead of like regular eating in those restraunt nearby our area. So, Sg Wang is the place where we'll had this year's gathering.

I tried to call as much old friends as we can, but it turn up dissapointing.... about only 20+ ppl goes.... and the trip isnt really like a gathering, more to regular outings or hangouts with friends like that. Boys and girls walk seperately and talk own stuffs. At Sg Wang we've nothing can do...... other than window shopping..... talk...... joke..... and arcade playing. Guys decided to play bowling but it's very expensive, RM5.50/person for each game. I heard they say at somewhere else RM2/person each game.

Luckily, we still have a chance where boys and girls comes together, during lunch time. We ate Japanese food there, and there's some jokes over there. Gerard ate the dishes that girls ordered, and makes everyone confuse about the billing. When we all count the bill, it's about RM97 for boy's dishes. We gave our own dishes' price but in the end it lacks of RM10. No one seems wants to help to pay, so I get the RM10 in my wallet and help them to fill up the money, 'coz I dont want to cost much trouble to other ppl. My chicken terriyaki set was nice~~ :P

After that, we all hangout in Sg Wang.... nothing to do..... walk, talk, walk talk...... Then I decide to head home..... ask wheter someone wants follow me back earlier, but no one wants. So I head home without anyone following.

I brought my Maksim's ticket redemption coupon with me, to exchange for Maksim showcase's ticket. Luckily Wisma Genting was located besides a Monorail station, so I can easily reach there by getting on the Monorail in Bkt Bintang station. After I get those tickets, I head back home for good.

Sigh..... I wish next time we can organize much more better than this time. It was a failure.............. :(

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  1. hey, don't think too much~
    you aren't a failure u noe...
    it's hard to organize an activity by doing all those stuff on yourself...
    you've tried your best, k~

    we r willing to help you in anytime, anywhere.