03 November 2014

Fundamental Conflicts

It's November now, only 2 months left until the dawn of new year.

Today I'd like to reflect upon few things happening lately that has challenged my fundamentals greatly.

The first scenario happens at work, over the matter of "quality VS quantity".

I’m currently running this project of sharing life experiences in Japan, Makunouchi Japan. Our aim is to become one of the most-visited sites when it comes to Japan-related information.

For the first few weeks I took over the project, it’s just like update and maintaining the blog. However, as the honeymoon period comes to an end, the supervisor demanded the pace to be increased exponentially.

Initially it seems to be a tough call, demanding a rapid rise in the site visits in short amount of time. One of way of doing it is trying to increase the number of blog posts in order to boost the site’s reputation and increase potential visits through search engine results.

I admit that my pace of updating the blog is kinda slow as I’m being meticulous to proofread the articles’ texts and enhance the images before publishing them. After years of habitually updating blogs, I tend to spend quite a lot of time just to finish up a blog post, which is one of the reasons why I didn’t update this blog that frequently nowadays (yeah lame excuse I know…).

From this experience, I realized that when it comes to a job, it’s no longer about doing things the way you like, but to do it the way that others are pleased and with solid result. I still love writing blogs, but the mindset has to be changed in order to cope with a new demand, quantity over quality.

I do however, still enjoy making others salivating and envy with these delicious-looking sushi pics heh. :P

Anyway, I'm thankful that the supervisor and seniors who're guiding me all this while. Really appreciate it.

Sunset over Shinjuku.
Sunset Shinjuku 新宿の夕焼け

For the next one..... it almost knocked me off and makes me question myself, what have I've been doing over the past quarter of century? The question attacks the very core of who I am today, what kind of person I am. Curious to know...

Tokyo International Forum. Somehow the cross-bridges resemble my current state of mind.

Just the other day I've had a few glasses of wines and spoke to a few close friends. What we've discussed may not be disclosed, but after the conversation, I felt kinda awkward and frustrating for myself to be honest.

In order for me to "blend in" further, I will have to venture into unknown territory, ie: stepping out of the comfort zone. I totally understands that at times it is necessary and I'm willing to push my boundary further.

Changes can be made, but not in the matter of days or weeks I think, especially if it's a drastic one. Physically it can be changed easily, but mentally it does need more time and effort to adjust to the new ideas.

Some of the changes, however, challenges my fundamental greatly and I don't even know how to react, what should I do. I've become so numb. I'm sort of torn between what should I take in, and what should I leave behind. I asked, am I doing the right thing all this while?

So confused and even the Tokyo Tower appears to be slanted!

Things may look a little rough ahead, but I'm confident that as time goes by I'll definitely overcome it. I know that I have the problem's solutions in hand, as long as I did things accordingly things will be solved.

I had a feeling that once overcoming these obstacles, life ahead could be very different from now, for better or worse, it has to be changed anyway.

Surely you can do it, Cliff! ;)

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