03 August 2014

First month getting into the job.

Just a short write up about my job. For the first month I'm grateful that everything has been going on pretty smoothly.

Contra to friends' stories of workplace abuse by seniors, my colleagues are very nice and we get along pretty well. I only learn that I'm the first foreign employee in the company's Japan branch.

As August is the hottest season in Tokyo, I'm glad that my company don't have any dress code restrictions and therefore we can wear anything to work (sans birthday suit of course).

Shinjuku skyline view from the office.

To put it simply, our company provides SEO service and consultation for clients.
We have external and internal services.

For external service, we assist the client to make their current website getting better search result ranking and increase in traffic (organically), as well as patch up the penalties from Google that dragged the client's search result ranking down.

Currently I'm being tasked for the internal service side for building up SEO-friendly websites.
It isn't something complicated, just maintaining WordPress blogs and try to tweak plugins here and there.

Now that the dots has connected, that all the years of blogging (since 2004) can finally be put into a better use in my career. Of course, given the head start I'll be learning more stuffs in the near future.

I shall continue to work and learn for the following few months, before consulting my boss to get better picture of the company's future plans. At the moment we're under transaction period, so I guess it's better to speak as the company settles down.

My company is expanding to SEA in the near future, and Malaysia's being one of their consideration, and therefore I was hired. At the moment we don't have a timeframe when we'll setting up a new branch in Malaysia, the fastest could be next year, perhaps?

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  1. what does SEO stand for? haha! not in this particular profession, totally a jargon to me..