07 June 2013

Deciding The Future

It's been busy as usual.

Now that I'm in my final year, I only have to attend a class or two every week. But most of the time I'd still be going to school as I couldn't concentrate well doing things in my room. I don't really mind the 30 mins bicycle trip but the weather could be the worse enemy soon in coming months.

Well, the time frame of looking for the postgrad degree university is slightly earlier than I thought. At the moment 2 universities that offered the course I wanna study (sociology) is Ritsumeikan University & Doshisha University, both located at Kyoto.

This weekend will be heading to Kansai for some MSAJ-related meetings and at the same time looking out for the universities. Tentatively I'd like to meet with the lecturers who could support my research topic. What I plan to do with my research? I shall reveal them when everything's set and confirmed.... but those who're keen enough could smell something's brewing heh.... Just that, I won't be doing things related to sound and that's for sure.

But lately it's been kinda worn out.... Maybe I committed a little too much that I can handle myself, but sometimes I just dislike to let the time wasted just like that, might as well keep myself occupied to do at least something contributive & constructive.

Really, I shouldn't really be complaining about it as I learn a lot of things by getting involved in things, namely those in MSAJ & university's staff job.

Soon I might be joining up Confederation of International Students Associations in Japan (CISA), but to what extend I plan to commit, will have to observe the structure of the organization better. Currently it's still in infant stage where founding members are discussing and drafting the key constitutions for it. It ain't easy to get on hold to have so many different students associations gather up together on a common purpose.

Regarding the university job as student staff I've been working for a year, this year the school had changed their policies, canceling the students' working shift and instead we're mobilized as an "on-demand" unit where the different departments will call us up whenever they need extra hand to help them with certain activities or events.

And to add up the heavy loads of commitments, I should've started my final year project too.... but I plan to kickstart it in mid June when I'm done with MSAJ's affairs. Planning to take a break for a moment to concentrate on other more important things.

What about leisure? Hmm.... didn't really went to too much places lately, other then (almost) weekly commute to downtown Tokyo for various meetings and events. I didn't even went out for bicycle exploring as I normally did back then.... Maybe I felt a little guilty if I had a little too much fun heh....

Anyhow, to sum things up....
I'm currently occupied with
- Post-grad univ admission
- Final year project

Hopefully by autumn, things can get settled down even more....
Until then again....


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  1. You sound stressful from your post :P But I don't know lol. Good luck!