21 May 2013

An Old Friend

Backtracked from the last event while I was still in Malaysia in mid March.

The night before my departure back to Japan, I attended a charity dinner with family.
You know, those kind of events that youngsters may not be interested in.

Vegetarian dishes were served on that dinner, but I have no complaints as I had enough meat throughout my holidays. Once in awhile I do appreciate meat-less meals for cleansing.

The dinner dragged on pretty long as they've to check on the timing of the VIPs, so I carelessly checked Facebook on my mobile. To my surprise, one of the Instagram photo were from taken in the hall I'm sitting in. It was taken by a friend whom I shall name as AC.

I wouldn't have thought that I'll bump into an old friend in this most unlikely occasion heh. I quickly did a search for old contact number and messaged her. Once I got to know where she's sitting I headed straight away.

Years it has been since I last met her. Couldn't remember clearly whether met her at TARC or at one of the gatherings, but if memory serves me right, the last time we met was in 2008?

As usual nowadays the conversation starts with asking what are you up to lately, still studying or working? As for me, I'd be asked if I've graduated already, which only happens next year.

Then, we proceed to updates of friends (gossips) and the old town where we grew up. She was surprised that we've lots of common friends from her secondary school, whom I get to know in later.

As far as my memory serves me correctly, AC is a friend whom I got to know the earliest, way back when we were in kindergarten bout 4 or 5 years old. Couldn't remember it clearly but I remember seeing her in the class photo from the kindergarten.

I switched to another kindergarten at 6 years old and surprisingly she switched to the same kindergarten as well.

And then, the story continues to primary school.
I still remember some of the details of my 1st day at school. I was quite happy because there were a few familiar faces in the same class, one of them being AC.

We were in the same classes throughout 6 years in primary school, so naturally we get along quite well.

Later, both of us went to different secondary schools.
I went into the mainstream co-ed school near the neighbourhood, while she attended a girls-only school slightly further away.

From time to time, say few times in a year we still bumped into each others, especially during the primary school's gathering.

By chance we attended the same college, TARC after graduating from secondary school, but that's not surprising entirely as it was the choice that most friends chose as well. I reunited with quite a lot of friends back in the collage.

But then again, TARC is quite huge and having lots of different faculties, it's not that frequent that you'd run into someone familiar.

So why am I writing everything so detail here? Well I thought it would be a good idea to leave some records down. At times when we gain lots of new information and experiences, some old memories woud inevitably being left forgotten....

She hasn't really changed that much, still as angelic as I remembered.

New acquaintances are made every year, but treasuring a long friendship like this one is simply, priceless.  ;)

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