15 March 2013

A Simple Gathering

Whenever I'm back in Malaysia for holidays, one of the thing I look forward the most, is to meet with friends again. Ironically ever since I've moved away from Wangsa Maju area, I seldom step out of the home to travel downtown due to inconvenient transportation.

Just few days Tony asked me whether wanna meet up again with some friends and he's willing to ask other friends to join. Since we plan to meet on Friday afternoon, so it wasn't the best time as most friends are busy with their work or study.

So, I took LRT back to Wangsa Maju again.
 I made a point that whenever I came back, I would try to visit that area again at least once.

The township of Desa Setapak still remain as lively as it's one of the main town to cater for TAR College students nearby. Noticed some familiar shops are still around but some has been replaced by something new. It's always nice to find some of my favourite stalls still around, like the Indian chendol located close to the center roundabout can be found during noon.

Desa Setapak is the place where I'd usually get my meals whenever I'm eating out. And the closest LRT station is located there as well, so I'm used to walk 20 mins from the old home to the train station. Until today I'm still very fond of that place for it's cheap & delicious food.

I arrived slightly earlier than planned and walk around the streets feeling nostalgic, recalling the place where our family had great meals eventhough the restaurant is no longer around for more than a decade already; pointing to the spot that used to be my favourite chicken rice stall (fav menu is roast chicken drumstick with extra siew yoke roast pork); feeling amazed that some of the stationary shops are still around for so long time.

Our gathering spot was at BRJ, a local mamak restaurant well-known by the locals.
I used to have a meal or two with my mates when they're done with a few rounds of DotA at the cyber cafe next to the restaurant.

Joining me first was Tony himself and Mark.
So as usual we'd catch up by asking each others what we're up to recently.

Was surprised that Tony had already completed his 4 years studies in the UK.
Meanwhile, Mark has just finished his 4 years degree at Kagoshima University and will be continuing his Master's degree there.
We went to Japan around the same time, but Mark has completed his Japanese language course earlier so he went straight into the university, while I attended a year of Japanese language course before I proceed into the university.

Although I was from different class, but we all get along well as I played football together with Tony (brilliant keeper he was), and I've known Mark since the primary school days.

Initially we talked about life in Japan and trying to compare the differences between education culture. We agreed that ordinary Malaysian student may appears to be a little too active in a Japanese classroom, while rather quiet and passive in a Western background classroom where the students would barge the lecturer with all sorts of questions after the class.

Later joining us was Prof Goh, still as academic as usual. I had chatted with him prior this and glad that at least he appears to be normal than I thought lol.... too much books and researches huh.... Seems like he's doing pretty well with his biotech course in NZ.

Around 6pm my classmate, Vinc joined us after finishing his intern. He's one of the few friends that studies food science, which is pretty interesting given Malaysia's a food paradise.

It's been a long time since we had met so naturally, lots of topics we talked about.
Eventually we've chatted from 3pm to 9pm, when I've to leave to catch the train back.

I had 3 drinks and a Maggi goreng which everything cost less than RM 10, to my surprise. But am grateful that price in Wangsa Maju still remains reasonable for all, as for the same items could cost about RM 15 in PJ area I think.

Kudos and many thanks to Tony who helped out to organize this small meeting, well 'til I meet with dear friends again next time, when I'm back again.

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