08 August 2011

Summer 2011 Part I: Audio Technica HQ & Yokohama

Oh boy it'll be quite some posts here but I'll try my best to finish up each entries.... And of course as usual, loaded with lots of pics! :P

Right after I passed up my final assignment on 20 July, summer holiday officially started and I've got almost 2 months of time to kill 'til autumn semester in Sept. Don't feel like wasting the summer holiday by sitting in the room, decided to went out to explore a bit, somewhere I haven't been to before preferably.

First stop would be Audio Technica's headquarters at Naruse, Machida.

Some readers might not be familiar with the brand "Audio Technica", it's actually one of the leading brands in Japan manufacturing audio goods such as headphone, mic, amplifiers etc. The HQ is located to the west, at the outskirt of Tokyo (東京都町田市成瀬).


The Audio Technica factory which specifically manufacture Audio Technica's Made in Japan items including wooden headphones. Top quality is assured.

My purpose of visit is to check out the Sound Gallery which houses some antique music players dated as early as Edison's phonograph (earliest form of audio recorder/player).

Inside the Sound Gallery

These are some of the earliest specimens in the room. Dated at the end of 19th century. That time the "media" is in phonograph cylinder form instead of the record disc form.

Lots of different sizes of speakers.

iPod and it's ancestors lol. Time shift 100 years.

Classic turntable.

His Master's Voice. HMV is one of the earliest recording company and it's still in business even until today as the HMV group.

Toccata and Fugue sounds great listening via record!

The tour at the Audio Technica Sound Gallery ended rather early. Since there're still some time, checked area around and noticed that Yokohama is just 30 mins away by train. Always wanted to visit Yokohama but always came up with lame excuse such as journey's so far and train fare ain't cheap, but since it's so close, might just go there and explore new zone!

Best decision ever.


Although Yokohama is another large city not that far from Tokyo, the city atmosphere is totally different, thanks to it's prime location located just beside the Tokyo Bay. It's a very modern city and yet less stressful compared to Tokyo. It was my first visit and I can understand why it's one of the highly-rated city in Japan.

Lurking around Nissan Global Gallery checking out none other than GTR!

While I randomly walk along the streets of Yokohama in awe, I passed by another automobile showroom, this time none other than the prestigious Rolls Royce Motor Cars showroom.

Enter the GHOST and PHANTOM.


Another white GHOST guarding the showroom.

Glad that the staff in the showroom allowed me to take pictures inside, as it's obvious that only a handful of minorities can afford to put order on these majestic cars. But for me, even if I had the cash to splash, I'd opt for Bentley. :P

The Yokohama Landmark Tower. One of the tallest buildings in Japan.

Sunset over Yokohama skyline's silhouette.

A vessel Nihonmaru now act as a floating museum.

As I continue to wonder around Yokohama, stomach starts growling as I've been using up energy walking and walking. Then suddenly remembered Yokohama is also famous for housing Japan's Chinatown. It's not that far from where I was that time so decided to drag the feet over there. Yet another great decision!


Sniffing down the streets of the Chinatown immediately recognise the familiarity of the scent, Chinese cuisine~~
So I said, it's a damn good decision to come to the Chinatown when one's hungry as it's just a food haven!!

I ended up in this restaurant called Saika, run by Taiwanese.

Set dinner of the night, one of the best chili shrimp (エビチリ) I ever had!!

Well then the final pic concludes the usual pictorial blog post then. There're things happening around lately and I really hope that I can squeeze out more time to compile it here.
'til then, stay tune~ ;)

Countdown, about a week to go~ :)

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