26 July 2011

End of Spring Semester, Year 2

Before the 2nd year's spring semester commenced, Japan was rocked with a big bang at the North-Eastern region. Needless to say, entire Japan were greatly affected. Back then I was worried if the university will delay the semester's commence, but eventually it started as usual at the beginning of April. A little reluctant back then, but I had a wonderful time back in Malaysia for spring break so it's time to get back to Japan to continue the journey.

Back to Japan, it was great to know that my 1st year's academic result was pretty good and get exempted for the whole year's tuition fees (though I still have to pay 1/3 of the sum). Boosted by this motivation, 2nd year started brightly.


This sem I took almost maximum of subjects again. Unlike the 1st year, we've options to choose more technical subjects, which for my case more subjects to do with sounds.

Naturally, 2nd year is busier than 1st year, but I kinda enjoyed it. Am glad that I'm happy with the lecturers, as each of them having rich experiences in respective fields. Stage sound supervisor, acoustic and electronic guitarist, recording engineer, and audio mastering professional. I've just learn the basics from them and likely will be learning more stuffs from them in near future.

This sem also roughly open up a clearer route on what I'm going to do as a profession. At the moment I'm more interested in audio recording and editing. Then, perhaps I can play around with sound creation and so on. As usual, I'm kinda into collaboration work related to movie or game. I'm thinking of getting a MBP when I'm back to KL in Aug. Although I can get it here in Tokyo as well, but the price difference of RM 500 is quite significant eh.

Then again, currently I'm still open up all the options out there.


End of a semester,break from university, which means it's time to recharge. Bout 3 weeks to go, back to KL~ :)


On another note, the significant lesser updates nowadays do make me wonders, how I had the stamina to keep on recording things happening in life back then? Now, I barely can think of anything interesting to write about classes that I attended, or jokes that friends made.

Definitely something's changing ever since coming here. But for now can't say it's change for good or for bad, but surely who I am today is very different than who I was back then.

Whether personality changed, I don't know. But anyhow, will be looking forward what the future will looks like. :)

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