16 May 2011

Dream Is Collapsing

The dream is collapsing.

History repeats itself again. First near the end of H21, and the second very recently.
Both are somehow mutually related in some ways, uncanny.

The moment I learn about the ordeal, everything seems to slow down, cool down.
Rather than rage or anger, disappointment struck as the scenario is unfolding right in front of my sight. A very bad piece of data fed into the brain OS, making the system jam.

Blown away~

Not pointing fingers towards anyone, nor put anyone responsible for it other than myself. Maybe it’s just that things get complicated within myself so when line of texts with such magnitude strikes, the blow is indeed severe, at least mentally speaking. But, internal meltdown can sometimes be more dangerous than external outburst.

At times in life, even if you worked hard and put in effort in something, things may not worked out as what you expected. Hard lesson of life huh.

Was looking forward for the coming long holiday, but.... the next time will definitely be an awkward one. As much as I tried to stay cool and calm, you’ll never know if things will get out of control, awful.




没人能说 没人可说 好难承受

A small measure of peace....


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