19 February 2011

Valentine's Day VS Malaysia Politics

If you're a fellow Malaysian, I believe that you should've heard of the recent media reports on certain party condemning the celebration of Valentine's Day which eventually made it to BBC News' Top 10 list. How "proud" we Malaysians can be, once again making the headlines on the international scene.

Can't help but find it not amusing the fact that they made such remarks without really going through the details about the celebration. The name does sound like a figure from another believe, but ultimately, modern times celebration of Valentine's day is indeed based on a religion, that is MONEY.

Isn't it obvious that Valentine's day celebration is carried out as a commercial gimmick to encourage people to spend money and time on their love ones? Inevitably, so-called inducing vice activities might occur at some places, as people getting hanky panky but I don't see the point condemning the practise on that particular day whereas it can be carried out anytime 365 days a year.

Lame attempt trying to accuse the others for the responsibility that themselves should have bear, especially educating people to take responsibility of their own action instead of putting the blame on the others. Blaming others is one of the trait of Malaysian, apparently.

Well, that's just one of the many problems happening now in Malaysia.

Ignorance on religious knowledge and understanding, I find it disturbing. As much as most of us tried to live peacefully in this country, some people have too much of free time trying to figure out ways to disturb the harmony.

It seems that there're some backstage parties trying to manipulate things supporting the argument. I've no ill feeling but respect to each religions in the country, but certainly not towards those who didn't do their homework well to understand not just themselves but others as well.
People's interpretation on religion may not be accurate nor correct, all the time.

It's an open secret that most Malaysians are aware of, just that we aren't allowed to speak publicly about it without the threats and wraths from the trouble-maker parties. To make things worse, those parties seem to be immune from judiciary judgement, to the people's dismay.

Try to imagine being insulted and abused by others, but multiply the scale close to the entire nation. As what I believe, that those trouble-make parties consist of minority of the general population but unfortunately they're also the minorities that hold most power for the time being.

Well it's just a matter of time when the people speaks. We have already demonstrated it in year 2008 and judging from the current trend, future looks bleak for the "minorities". But of course, they won't bow to their defeat without causing further havocs in this beloved nation.

There are a lot of great talents and professionals among Malaysians, but many chose to "leave" Malaysia instead of "live" here in Malaysia. Why is this outflowing happening? Obviously, we aren't treated fairly and the grass look greener on the other side. Many countries utilized Malaysians to achieve success and further developing the country into a stronger nation. It's a real waste of talent.

I still love the country, but the country may think differently. Malaysia is a great country, minus the politics.
And yes, I'm fully aware that this entire post is political-motivated, just like some Malaysians love to turn petty matters into political issue, pouring oil on the spark.
I'm also aware that the content of this post may share similarities with other Malaysians out there. Maybe there's no sense of "freshness" but the volume of the point speaks for itself.

I do have to admit that the stereotype and racism issue in Malaysia has deeply spread it's root inside the Malaysian society and surely it ain't easy task to de-root it.

There're still some stories to be written but to conclude things for now, the ending of this post would be written in Malay....

Untuk negara Malaysia menjadi sebuah negara yang maju dan disanjungi dunia, bukan saja usaha satu parti, tetapi usaha semua rakyat Malaysia untuk meraikan, membanggakan negara yang tersayang.
Persefahaman antara rakyat Malaysia adalah sangat penting, bukanlah sekadar kutuk-mengutuk orang lain tanpa memberi pandangan atau tindakan yang sewajarnya.
Kalau kita boleh ketepikan prasangka dan masalah dahulu, bolehlah kita mencatat sejarah Malaysia yang gemilang, bersatu ke alaf yang baru.

Sebagai anak Malaysia, saya masih mementingkan Bahasa Malaysia setakat mampu berbahasa dan menulis, tidaklah saya melupakan bahasa ini walaupun sepanjang tahun berada di luar negeri.
Malaysia tetap negara yang saya sayangi. Inginku tinggal kat tanah air dengan orang yang tersayang, semacam kehendak kebanyakan warga Malaysia.

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  1. yea, heard of this news.. well, we r having election again, i guess this is some "pre-debut show" from certain parties...